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Data Source can't read variables if more than 100 data points

  • Hi, All,

    Hopefully this is something others have come across and there is an easy fix.

    We have a scripting data source which has more than 100 data points. In our script, we try to set the value of all the 100+ data points. The problem is that the script says that all of the data points past the 100 mark are undefined.

    IE: if we say varDataPoint101.set(true) or varDataPoint101.value then the script validator says varDataPoint101 is undefined.

    Is there a way for the script to pull in and recognize more than 100 data points that are associated with it? We're also using the CONTEXT_POINTS object which seems capped at 100 as well. I'm guessing a fix for one will be a fix for both.


  • @cmusselm I'm not aware of any 100 point limit, but we will look into this. As a temporary work around you could use the QueryBuilder utility and place tags onto your points, then query for them in the script.

    One more thing, are you sure all of your points are enabled? This would explain it If only the first 100 are.

  • Sorry I said QueryBuilder but I meant the DataPointQuery utility, you can read about it here:

  • Thanks, Terry, we will try that.

    Yes, they are all enabled. If we just save one that is considered undefined, then it will "fix" that one, but it pushes another one out of the list. Almost like it just recognized the 100 "newest" or most recently saved.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Wanted to check in and see if this issue was able to be re-created, and if there are any updates.


  • Hey Chad, I wonder if you could break your set command up into 2 or more operations and if that would work? That might be helpful. I'm not aware of any other use cases where we have done this but I don't see why it wouldn't work.