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Mango ES - The administration menu is not expaning

  • Hi,

    As I am connected over the revers SSH to the Mango ES, the Administration menu when clicked is not expanding.

    The Mango version is 3.5, If I upgrade it to 3.7 will it affect that error?


  • Hi Ninok

    you will need to upgrade the Mango UI module to the latest version.

  • Thanks,

    The device is on the remote site, and I am reluctant to do the upgrade, since if the upgrade fails I will need to travel to the site.

    Is there any way to make the image of the device and eventually connect remotely and install the image using the dd command?

  • @NinoK is your ssh access through cloud connect or do you have a direct network connection to the mangoES. I you have ssh access that is not through cloud connect you will not need to drive out as you can fix the failed upgrade through ssh.

  • If you are going to do an upgrade, copy the entire mango directory, bzip it if you have to so then you have a working backup on the mango unit itself. You can do this over ssh assuming you have remote shell access.

    Alternatively, stick with Firefox as its only google chrome that is pulling this jazz.

    To be honest though, I would stay with 3.5 as there are still a number of issues on 3.7 that haven't been fixed as the dev team are swamped with mango 4Beta.

    Just use a different web browser.