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  • Hi everyone,

    a customer of ours upgraded their evaluation to a commercial lite license and registering the GUID went smoothly. Unfortunately, the noSQL module was not installed during this process and hence is still shown as "not registered". There is also an error message when trying to migrate the existing data to the noSQL DB. I was told that "the NoSQL module only needs the core to be licenced to work." and that I shall ask in the forum about the latter issue. Has anyone an idea how to mitigate the communications link failure for a DB that is running on the same machine?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!

    Best wishes,

    1_1606212733081_MangoError1.png 0_1606212733079_MangoError2.png

  • @fleh I have added the NoSQL licence to that GUID. You can download the licence. How are you connecting to the MySQL without any credentials?

  • Thanks for your reply and adding the noSQL licence, @CraigWeb!

    Regarding the other error: I wanted to migrate existing H2 data into noSQL and was mislead by the documentation:

    The NoSQL migration can take several hours to complete but it will happen in the background.

    My bad -- I thought it was a one-click solution given, that Mango knows which DB it is using and what the credentials are. Will report back when I had access to the client's server again. Thanks again for your help!