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  • I am looking to change the port from 8080 to 80 so that that my domain name will resolve.

    When i change the port to 80 from '' and run 'systemctl status mango' i get that "Active: activating (auto-restart)" instead of running. I also cannot access the page on port 80.

    Is there other properties i need to change to make mango run on port 80?


  • @zaaphod said in Changing Mango Port 8080 to 80.:

    hange the port from 8080 to 80 so

    Hi Zap

    You will need to look at the ma.log file to see if mango has indeed started up. If Mango is not running as root it will not be able to bind to port 80. How ever running Mango as root is a security concern. The best approach is to use IP tables to forward port 8080 to localhost:80

  • It also pays to use nestat if you are using a linux based operating system to see if you have blocked ports.