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Data Points Details page edit

  • Hello All,
    I am using the latest Mango updates.

    In Mango 2 the data points details page used to show the event detector high and low limits on the chart. The following screen shot shows dashed lines at 35 and 37.

    0_1602014148046_M2 datapoint.png

    The data points details page in Mango 3 does not show those limits as shown in the following screen shot.

    0_1602014235609_M3 datapoint.png

    The Data Points Detail chart in Mango 3 auto scales and does not show the limits. This is not a problem in most cases as alarms limits are not always used.

    We need to put the alarm limits on the chart if the limits are configured for the data point.

    Is there somewhere I can set up this option? I cannot find anywhere in the data point configuration to enable this so I am assuming it is somewhere deeper in the software.

    Thank you for your time.


  • While digging about, I discovered that in mango 3, the legacy data points details page still works the way we need it to for the charts on the details page.

    So, which is easier:

    1. Make the new Data Points Details page show the limits on the chart like the legacy page does
    2. Change the quick info pop up icons redirect to the legacy data points details page
    3. Hide the quick info icons and make my data point on the dashboard click-able and redirect to the web page for the legacy data points details page.

    I think with my programming skill level it might have to be option 3 as a down and dirty fix.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.