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Is Mango compatible with Load balancer?

  • Hi All,

    Our customer wants to open mango with https. I know that we can use SSL to certificate Mango, but customer will not share ssl certification for this purpose. They offer us to use load balancer to get licensed application.

    As I know, some applications are not compatible to use with load balancer. Can we use load balancer with Mango?

    Thanks in advance!

  • No, only one user instance per login. The session ID given for one mango instance will be different from another and is non-transferable.
    Unless you have a front end which is load balanced friendly and have your own back end system handling talking to the mango API and forwarding the data to the request origin. You'll have to handle all user logins and session IDs for it to work in a load balancing environment. Also both mango instances would need access to the same data in order for the frontend to be consistent.


  • I am not too familiar with load balancing but if the system is set up with just one mango instance and the load balancer is just acting as a reverse proxy to Mango(decrypting the https and forwarding), I don't see why this won't work. maybe I'm wrong?

  • What Craig said is correct. Load balancing doesn't require multiple servers. You can "load balance" one server, so technically yes, you could use a load balancer in front of Mango.

  • Load balancing involves dividing up the load of incoming traffic to reduce load on a server and or service. This is done with multiple instances and a load balancer sends traffic between them.
    If you're doing a 1:1 via a proxy it's still the full load on a service, you would use rate limiting instead. The proxy is merely a redirection tool, so your definition doesn't fit.
    If it is as Craig mentions which involves merely a proxy redirect to a single mango instance, then yes all will work.

    Nurr I think you're asking if you can use a reverse proxy, in that case yes. Nginx and apache work with this. Nginx works better though due to the better header handling capabilities.

  • Thank you All,

    I will reply to the customer with this information.

  • @Nurr You can just leave mango running on port 8080 and let the load balancer forward to that port.