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Meta Data Point does not work with two context points

  • I will start with a simple explanation and add any further detail if needed. I have a Meta Data Source with a point that calculates a very simple difference between two context data points. The script validates during the set up, but the point does not calculate when saved. It works fine if I only use one data point context and a hard number but not two context data points. It does not matter from what other data sources I use, it always fails with two context points. I can have both checked for context, or just one, but still no go. The naming is fine or it wouldn't validate. So I am at a loss with this very simple point.

    Any ideas?

    Any further info needed?

    Thanks in advance.
    PS - I also searched this forum for anything, and did not find much.

    Version is 3.7.x with all updates completed a few days ago.

  • If you can share your script and a JSON export of your Data Point that would be the first step to find out what other questions there might be.

  • Here is the json.

    "name":"Delta Upstairs Attic",
    "script":"var tempvar1 = p59.value;\nvar tempvar2 = p58.value;\nreturn tempvar1 - tempvar2;",
    "readPermission":"superadmin, user",
    "setPermission":"superadmin, user",

  • Joel,

    I am embarrassed, but you helped me find it with the json. I did not realize I had limits set on the discard values. I new it was something simple. Problem solved. I must have copied this point.