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Edit datapoints value simultaneously

  • Hello, I would like to change 4 data points at the same time but I can't find a way to do it.

    Is there any possible way to change the value of these datapoints at once?


  • Assuming you are clicking on a button or something...

    <ma-button label="Set Four points" ng-click="pt1.setValue(value);pt2.setValue(value);pt3.setValue(value);pt4.setValue(value);">

    You can set a value with the timestamp as well if necessary:



  • @mattfox
    Thanks for your answer, I am using the web application only, no code. Is there a way to do it without touching code?

  • The ways I showed you there is using mangoUI within the web interface. This can be implemented from the dashboard designer.
    Assuming you are using a version 3 mango system.

    Look at the API exanples which have to be turned on via the menu settings to see what I mean.
    If you are still without a paddle give me the overall picture of what you want to achieve and I can take you through it.