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Http JSON Receiver Datasource

  • Hi All,

    We need to create an HTTP JSON endpoint for JSON data which will be posted by another system. The example data is shown below and we will get "isAlarm" value for each alarm of each device.
    For this purpose, we are planning to use HTTP JSON Receiver data source. Can we use this data source to create an endpoint? What is your suggestion?

    We could not found proper documentation for Http JSON Receiver Datasource and datapoint. Can you please show us how to create Http JSON Receiver Datasource and datapoint?

    Data Example:
    "lastUpdate": "2020-08-05T13:53:22.2211582+03:00",
    "devices": [
    "deviceId": 1306,
    "deviceName": "GBZ_SOL4_4.17_K",
    "room": "SOL-4",
    "row": "4.Sıra",
    "rack": "17.Kabinet",
    "isEnabled": true,
    "isDisconnected": false,
    "deviceModel": "ExagatePDU",
    "tags": [
    "tagId": 20987,
    "tagName": "Voltage",
    "unit": "V",
    "readDate": "2020-08-05T18:32:04",
    "readValue": 229.07001,
    "isCritical": false,
    "isAlarm": false
    "tagId": 20356,
    "tagName": "Current",
    "unit": "A",
    "readDate": "2020-08-05T18:33:24",
    "readValue": 0.42,
    "isCritical": false,
    "isAlarm": false
    "tagId": 21342,
    "tagName": "P",
    "unit": "kW",
    "readDate": "2020-08-05T18:33:35",
    "readValue": 0.174,
    "isCritical": false,
    "isAlarm": false

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Nur

    The HTTP JSON receiver will listen for incoming HTTP post messages. By looking at the data example this is what I would try:
    0_1597214513142_Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 08.41.36.png

  • Hi Craig,

    What should we do if the index is changing in every Http post?
    For example, "deviceId" may not come in the same index every time.


  • Nurr,
    If that is the case the data schema would exceed the flexibility of the data source.

  • I'm working around this problem @Nurr commented.
    There is an alternative in mango to this issue? If the index is changing in every Http post?