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How to access Network Configuration tab in Mango GT?!

  • Hey there,

    I just got my hands on a new Mango GT. The problem is that I can't find Network Configuration tab to change the network and also Time Zone settings!!

    Any ideas??


  • Hi @skazemi

    Until the next release the best way to modify network settings is to use the legacy UI. On the datasource page,! there is a link to the legacy UI
    0_1597212840476_Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 08.13.31.png
    Go to settings: 0_1597212944041_Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 08.15.32.png
    and expand the mangoES configuration drop down

  • Hi Craig,

    Thank you for the reply.
    My hardware is Mango GT and there is no such configuration tab under setting!! Here is some screen shots:

  • Hello Skazemi,
    I may be wrong here as I have not used the MangoGT, but if you are wanting to edit network configuration items such as using DHCP or setting a static IP address and subnet, gateways etc... you will need to do that on the Linux server which is the OS for the MangoGT.

    I have used Mango 2 and Mango 3, both of which run on a Linux server and all of the network configurations are done via the Linux command line (or in our case of a hosted web server, the Plesk control panel.)

    The same goes for the time zone settings. Mango takes it time from the server OS. Each individual data source can be set to different timezones but the overall system time is used by Mango as a starting point.

    There are some network items that can be set in the file such as which port the Mango web page will use. Please remember to save the file in the overrides folder or it will be overwritten when Mango is updated.

    @IA Staff, if I am wrong please correct and my apologies.


  • @skazemi it seems like you do not have the mangoES configurations module installed. You can confirm this by looking in your modules page for this widget:
    0_1597223028354_Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 11.03.28.png

    @BG You are correct that however, the MangoES configuration module will run a shell script that changes the network settings and timezone of the OS when you click save.

  • @BG yes, you are right but I am going to set it up/test it via Mango config module because later end client will use it.

    @CraigWeb yes it was not installed! but now I get this error:
    Any thoughts?

  • Hey There,
    I am having a similar problem, was wondering if there were any updates?

  • Hi Zen

    The only update I can give is that for now you should configure the network and timezone settings through the command line. The ES configuration module is currently being reworked and I cannot give a completion date.