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Meta Point Context Point Error

  • Hi All!

    We are getting an error while using meta points. We calculate meta points by combining Modbus, SNMP, Virtual, and Meta type points. We get a data source event like below when we restart mango or save/edit meta points. When we check the context points of meta point, context points are neither disabled nor null.

    What could cause to this event? How can we solve ?

    'DataSource1': A context point is unavailable in point "Device1 - Point1" because Point with xid DP_d9934f8a-6e3e-48e6-b033-1488500d0b4a for variable named 'P1' is disabled.


  • HI @Nurr

    When a point is disabled it will not have a cached value, so the meta point errors out. All context points must be enabled.

  • Hi @CraigWeb ,

    We check all context points, none of them is disabled. Although all context points are enabled, we get an error.

    Thanks in advance,