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A Bit Stuck on Writing Multiple MODBUS Registers

  • Seems like perfect troubleshooting conditions :)
    ye so basically no response from the command. Only thing I can suggest is checking if the actual number is causing the "no response" by sending a different digit. is the modbus request going over the network or do you have a local mango instance there ?

  • Yeh the Mango instance is a few hundred ms away. It seems to work fine reading in voltages and RPM's and the like. Just been playing up a little today probably due to the weather.
    Even when it was working fine the write function still didn't seem to be the correct syntax.

  • If I was troubleshooting I would create data points instead of using the modbus tool. It looks like you are using quite an old version of mango and I have had issues with the modbus tool in older versions. I think it would be worth cancelling that out of the troubleshooting.

  • OK, thanks Craig. I have a data point I made earlier which I will go back to and see what it does.

  • So I emailed DSE from their website contact form for shits and giggles, not really expecting to hear back... A nice fella from the UK emailed back almost immediately with all the official docs on the thing. I thought that was awesome.. Anyway, here's a more explanatory version of what I had found originally...


    So looking at that, I should be sending 35702 to 4104 and 29833 to 4105
    I'll give that a go..

  • I may be wrong here but I am pretty sure that the only way that mango will write them in the same command is if you use 1 x 4-byte data point.

  • ok sweet as, thanks for that I'll give it a go

  • You should capture the command with Wireshark and see if it matches what you are expecting.

  • I tried a little bit of script magic to see if it would do it at the same time, but I think still not quick enough..


    I guess I need to combine the two 16 bit values into one 32 bit value, then write that to the single register, which should extend to the second yeh?

  • exactly