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Meta Point ClassCastException

  • Hi all,

    I'm doing a pretty simple meta data point that just scales a data point.
    Once an hour, the original data point is updated with 4 readings.

    Upon doing a simple:

    // original is the external context point
    return original.value/100;

    This works great for history generation but when triggered by the actual point, I end up with 4 entries with the correct timestamps but all having the same value as the most recent reading. Not entirely sure why.

          Original Point                           Meta Point
    -------------------------------       ----------------------------
    TS                   Value       =>   TS                   Value
    -------------------------------       ----------------------------
    7/7/2020 12:00:00    503633.00        7/7/2020 12:00:00    5036.3
    7/7/2020 11:45:00    503584.00        7/7/2020 11:45:00    5036.3
    7/7/2020 11:30:00    503520.00        7/7/2020 11:30:00    5036.3
    7/7/2020 11:15:00    503383.00        7/7/2020 11:15:00    5036.3

    I then tried to be a bit more verbose with:

    // scaled is my meta data point
    scaled.set(original.value/100, original.time);

    but this causes a ClassCastException when generating historic data

    ERROR 2020-07-07T11:42:44,559 (com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.MetaPointLocatorRT.execute:301) - Meta script failed for point Water com.serotonin.ShouldNeverHappenException: java.lang.ClassCastException at ~[mango-3.7.7.jar:?] at ~[mango-3.7.7.jar:?] at ~[mango-3.7.7.jar:?] at 
    com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.JavaScriptPointLocatorRT.executeImpl( ~[?:?] at 
    com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.HistoricalMetaPointLocatorRT.executeImpl( ~[?:?] at 
    com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.MetaPointLocatorRT.execute( ~[?:?] at 
    com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.MetaPointLocatorRT$ ~[?:?] at 
    com.serotonin.timer.Task.runTask( ~[mango-3.7.7.jar:?] at 
    com.serotonin.timer.SimulationTimer.fastForwardTo( ~[mango-3.7.7.jar:?] at 
    com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.HistoricalContextPointRT.consumeHistorical( ~[?:?] at$MetaHistoryGenerationTask.chunkHistoryGeneration( ~[?:?] at$MetaHistoryGenerationTask.lambda$run$6( ~[?:?] at 
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( ~[?:?] at 
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ ~[?:?] at [?:?] Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException 

    After a bit more testing, it seems that the meta data script gets run the correct amount of times but only uses the most recent value for each execution.

    edit 2:
    After a bit more debugging, I can confirm that the script will run for each new entry but only uses the value of the most recent entry.