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Question on Point & Logging Properties

  • Hello,

    I have a couple questions around data point logging based on a specific need of our client.

    Is is possible to have the logging interval to be 3 seconds for example, but the logging type to be an average of the previous 9 seconds? I don't think this is possible right now, but wanted to make sure.

    Today we pull data every 3 seconds and record it as the value that instant. Minor variations can make the charts and data look more in flux than what they really are. Changing the logging period to 9 seconds with an average would even out the variation, but we would lose 2/3 of our data recording.

    Would Simplify Type in Point Properties help smooth out some of the data points? I've tried the Use Tolerance setting, but can't see a difference in the data points being recorded, so not sure I'm using it correctly.

    Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on the best way to accomplish this?

    We're running Mango 3.7.7.


  • Sorry, I think I answered my own question... This page seems to have what I was looking for. Wasn't able to find it before asking the initial question.

    I think what I have in the screenshot below will log the data every 3 seconds and logging it as the average from the previous 3 poitns, correct?



  • Hi Chad

    Your assumptions are correct however mango will wait until it has 3 values. in other words when your data source initialises it will wait for 9 seconds until it gets the first 3 values.