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  • Point Links in the Admin Dashboard (lastest version) just goes to data sources. Still accessible in the old UI. Is this on purpose?

  • I believe we plan to remove point links in Mango 4. It's very easy to accomplish the same thing via a Scripting Data Source.

  • @JoelHaggar so right now I have BACnet devices (>`150 data points) where I need to modify the incoming data (convert 4-20mA or 0-10V to whatever scale). The same needs to go for output data where it needs to get scaled.

    I'm using a meta data source which uses the BACnet devices/inputs or outputs as the external context data point and use the script to change things as needed.
    I prefer not using scripting because then I would have >200 scripting data sources (for each input/output) listed or if done in a few scripting data sources, the scripts would get pretty long, messy, and hard to edit quickly.

    The meta source approach works for inputs but is an issue for outputs as just setting the meta data source doesnt trigger its execution, so now need to make an event handler for every point.

    Maybe you may have a better approach?

    It seems Point Links would be ideal, but don't want to do that if they will be removed in a future version.

  • Make your individual bacnet points settable. that will trigger your meta data points.

  • Hi @diesel

    let us know if the recent Bacnet features solved your problem.