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UNSOLVED HTTP Publisher datapoint change

  • Hello all,

    I have set a HTTP Sender with 2 datapoints, that should be sent together to an external API, that is a integer number of running hours of a machine (as READ), and a timestamp in ISO format of the reading (as DATE, format e. g. 2020-05-04T10:56:00).
    My READ value is a datapoint that updates whenever the machine completes another working hour. My DATE value is a Meta datapoint, that converts the READ timestamp to ISO format, when that point changes.
    The Publisher is set to "Publish attribute changes".

    My problem is that when the READ value updates, the Publisher sends two separate messages, one with the READ value, and another one with the DATE value, and the receiving system won't accept that.
    Is there a way to make it send the two updated values at once? Or to make it only consider the "change" event of one of them?

    Thanks, and regards

  • Hi @mauricio-souza

    Your best option would be to use a script event handler and build an HTTP post which conforms to the system you are integrating to.
    Here are some links on how to use the HTTPbuilder

    Otherwise, you could customise the meta point to include the value and then only send the meta point on the publisher.