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Slack Publisher not working, but webhooks sent to slack work

  • Hey,
    I'm trying to set up a slack publisher event handler that forwards events onto a slack channel.
    To do so I have set up a virtual data source with a virtual data point to randomly alternate between binary values 0 and 1, with an event detector that detects any change in the data.
    I've assigned the slack publisher event handler to the event in the hopes of testing the process. The only problem is that the I never seem to receive the messages on slack. I made a basic global script and scripted event detector that sends webhooks to the same slack bot, which always works.

    Is anyone able to help? Is there something i'm missing here? I've followed the instructions on this link
    I'm getting the following messages in the log if that helps.


    PS. I've double checked that the oauth tokens are correct and that the slack bot has webhook permission.

  • Hi Zen

    Please provide your mango and slack module version. so we can try to replicate. I have gone through the Slack API documentation.

    The error you are receiving has the following reason:
    Authentication token is for a deleted user or workspace.

  • @craigweb Hey Craig, thanks for helping with this. That is really strange since the user and workspaces are both very much active.
    I am using core version 3.7.7 and slackPublisher module 3.7.0.