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unable to create excelreport

  • I'm trying to create a new hourly rollup excel report. When I copy the hourly report sample and try to save it as a new report I get "Report template file not found".

    Under the "select template file" link, when I click on Sample1_2.xlsx it opens up File stores > Excel_report_templates and it's empty.

    If I try to create a new excel report I can't save it because i get the same "Report template file not found" error.

    How do I get the report templates back or how do I create a new excel report?

  • Hi @mseverin

    You will first need to upload an excel report into the file store. This file needs to be created in excel first with at least 1 named range. Here is a tutorial to follow:

  • Thanks, that helped, The report I created was uploaded and I assigned data points. When I run it, it shows up in the Finished / in-progress with the state "queued".

    what does this mean?

  • My report still shows queued under the State heading and the download and view buttons are disabled. I've tried a new simple report with just Timestamp and value and it does the same thing.

    I see no errors in the log file.

    Any ideas?

  • Could you email the spreadsheet as well as a JSON export of the report to

  • I sent the requested data a couple weeks and haven't heard anything. Is there any update on this or can someone give my a different way to extract historical data.

    I'm being asked to provide daily gas and water usage for the entire 2019 year.