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  • Hello Support,
    I am currently using Core 3.7.4 and it is running well for us. We are using Maria DB instead of MySQL and everything has been fine with the JSON statements as Maria DB is an equivalent database to MySQL. But I am a bit wary about the items in the recent core upgrades, primarily:

    Version 3.7.5
    Make upgrade on MySQL more robust as to abort if MySQL is not 5.7.8 or higher

    and also:

    Version 3.7.6
    If using a MySQL database Mango will only start on versions with JSON support which is 5.7.8 and above to ensure all upgrades and installation will work properly once the correct version is used

    Can you tell me if the use of our Maria DB 10.3.22 will cause our Mango service to fail because it is not strictly MySQL 5.7.8 after the upgrades?



  • @bg said in Recent Core Upgrades:

    Maria DB 10.3.22

    A quick google provides us with this:

    What is JSON and why use it?

    JSON is fast becoming the standard format for data interchange and for unstructured data, and MariaDB Platform (in fact, all MariaDB versions 10.2 and later) include a range of JSON supporting functions. There are a few good reasons why a JSON datatype hasn’t been implemented, but one is that there are just not many advantages to that, as JSON is a text-based format. Here I’ll describe JSON and the use cases for it, as well as the MariaDB JSON functions and their uses. We’ll also look at some other MariaDB features that are useful for JSON processing..


    The JSON alias was added in MariaDB 10.2.7. This was done to make it possible to use JSON columns in statement based replication from MySQL to MariaDB and to make it possible for MariaDB to read mysqldumps from MySQL.

    You should be jammy - just remember to backup your mango directory pre-upgrade.


  • Just a little further information on this. The Upgrade does a simple test by creating and dropping a table with a single column of type JSON to ensure Mango can upgrade, if that works it proceeds with the upgrade.

    Here is the SQL we use to test:

    CREATE TABLE mangoUpgrade28 (test JSON)engine=InnoDB; 
    DROP TABLE mangoUpgrade28;

  • Thanks guys for checking. I wasn't sure if the new core upgrade was checking the database name and version.