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Triggering a counter data point to enable and restart

  • Heya,

    This seems like a simple thing to do but I haven't found anything that is. Maybe it has been a long week. heh

    What I have is a virtual point set to increment by 1 in a virtual data source that will poll every 1 second. I have a meta point that will reset that virtual point to 0 and enable it based on conditions of another point.

    Is this the way to create a counter that is triggered? It seems sorta complex.


  • @iperry said in Triggering a counter data point to enable and restart:

    enable it

    I think you might be better off using a scripting data source running on a cron pattern. You can have all your logic in one script to increment and reset as needed by bringing in extra context points.

  • Use an event handler and trigger it which runs a script which increments, enables/disables values using a the supplied scripting context points when it has fired. Use the Set Point value type handler.