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Dashboard writes only whole numbers

  • Hi All,

    I have a dashboard setup which when I write a bacnet value to a DDC controller, Mango seems to only write on the whole number. For example when I write 40.2 in the dashboard, what it seems Mango writes to my datapoint is 40.0
    I am guessing there is a setting somewhere for minimum increment or something like that but I haven't bee able to find it.

    Can someone point me to it?


  • @realmooseman
    try 40.6.
    sometimes 3rd party device only accept value change equal or greater than 0.5.

  • I tried that, but no difference on 40.6 vs. 40.2
    If I write 38, or 39, or 40 it changes. Could this be a setting in my bacnet data point data type? I can use other 3rd party software and write decimal values without issue. Seems like it is confined to Mango, so I am thinking there must be a setting. Joel or Phil? any thoughts?
    This is using version 3.7.3

  • @realmooseman could you please provide the exact BACnet data point configurations. Im not to familiar with BACnet but my first thought is that not all the data types are floating points.

  • Ok, from the point setup, there are only 4 choices for data type:
    Binary, Multistate, Numeric and Alphanumeric.
    I am attempting to read and write to an analog value, with it set to numeric
    0_1582140467856_data point setup.JPG

    Does the snapshot help?

  • Hi realmooseman,

    if you write to an Object type "Analog value" select Data type "Numeric".
    In your example you select "Alphanumeric".

  • Ya, I was numeric but when I clicked on the refresh it picked alpha. Presently is selected for numeric.