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Default Watchlist Permissions

  • Hello All,
    First of all: Mango Core: 3.7.4 / Mango API: 3.7.0 / Mango UI: 3.7.2

    I am wondering how to get the default watchlist permission to be blank for individually created watchlists.

    I have the Watchlist View Permissions set as empty in the permissions list as shown:

    But when the user is logged in and creates a new watchlist using the watchlist builder (which I am happy for them to do), the permission defaults to User as shown:


    This of course allows all my other users to see the new watchlist. I want to force each user to choose their own username such as "greenmon" in the screen shot above. I don't want "User" to be in the choices list either.

    Please let me know if there is a setting to force this behaviour or if there is any file edits I can put in overrides to force this behaviour.



    P.S. Just discovered that the Excel reports are working the same way. I would like the individual users to default to their own user name and not have "User" as a choice.