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  • I had a problem where my events table had got really big so I couldn't log in (it kept timing out). Using the H2 Console I was able to delete everything from the events table but now I have no custom pages or menu structure.

    If I edit the latest json backup, it looks like the menu structure is there but I get nothing except for Data Point Details, Events, Watch lists and the Administration section, even after re-importing the json file.

    I also don't see any errors in the ma.log except for a server key validation issue regarding CloudConnect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • First off, I would advise re-importing your last configuration backup if possible, even the one prior to that. Go in to the edit menu page and see if you can re-add your menu items.
    Next, I strongly recommend seeing what's causing all of these events. If there enough to cause your system to slow to a grinding halt then wiping them is only a temporary measure if it's happening quickly.
    You shouldn't have been able to wipe jsondata if your target was the events database table.

  • Hi mseverin

    Can you confirm that you have not lost your dashboard data, just the menu items?
    If you go to the edit menu items page. Are the menu items that you used to have still on the table or have the disappeared from that page as well?
    When you register a menu item on the edit menu page it gets stored in the JSON store named: mangoUI-menu. Can you confirm that the data is still there?

  • Because I'm running Mango in a vm, I restored a snapshot to just prior to purging the events and have determined that things disappeared after I did the purge of events using the H2 Console.

    Do to the large number of events, I couldn't get logged in long enough to purge them thru system settings, so I connected to the H2 console and ran "delete from events".

    Is there a better way that I should have used?

  • delete from events is the correct command to run. You UI menu items are stored in the JSONData table. So they will not be affected. I would redo the procedure and look in the browser's console if there are any errors or API error code and confirm the information I requested above.

  • Sorry.

    I have lost my dashboard data as well. When I go to the edit menu items page, I don't see any of my custom menus.

    If I create a new menu and try to point it to my custom pages, there are no pages there to point it to.

    If I look in the JSON, there are no custom menu items.

  • There is no explainable reason why you would lose your JSON data by deleting your events data. I highly doubt it was caused by that. I would start mango up with a fresh DB and restore to one of your backed up versions where the JSON data is still there and then try to delete the events again.