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Excel Reports Module 3.7.0 not running scheduled reports

  • Hello,
    Since our recent Excel Reports Module upgrades from 3.6.2 to 3.7.0, all of our scheduled Excel reports are not running automatically. They were working fine before the upgrades. I can run the reports manually but the CRON schedule is not working.

    I have recreated the schedule from scratch on our test report but is is not running either. There is also nothing showing up in the ma.log file.

    I have noticed that when I click the gear icon next to the report, I get the choices to copy, delete, run or schedule. When selecting schedule the only option there is to set the time period. I have always used the actual report template set up to set the schedule so am not sure if the CRON pattern choice was available from the schedule option of the gear icon.

    I am wondering if the schedule option from the gear icon does not allow setting the CRON pattern for the schedule, has the scheduling been dropped by accident?

    I am eagerly looking forward to your response.



  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have found and fixed the broken schedule bug and am working to clean up the UI. Once that is done I will release a new module which should be later on today.

  • Hello Terry,
    Thank you very much, I just got a chance to update the modules and test the scheduling.
    Working great now.



  • Hello Terry, (excelreports module 3.7.1)
    This should probably go in the wish list and I know you have a lot more important things to work on, but it would be nice to be able to sort the entire list of finished Excel reports by clicking the column headings.

    My list of finished reports extends over several pages and on each individual page the finished reports are listed latest to oldest. But I am finding the most recent reports on later pages for some reason.

    Thank you


  • @BG no worries I'm planning another release for that module in the next few weeks and will try to get that in for you.

  • 0_1576507461805_thumbs up.png Your're a star!

    Have a good Christmas!