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Copy Data Source in New UI...?

  • Greetings all:

    Greg Again here. Busy day. Am I missing something?

    So: I got my inverter going, and then I go and need to copy it X number of times. I can't use the "Export / Import" feature as that maintains the XIDs- So, what I've been doing is using the OLD UI to use the little green "+" copy button for the whole data source.

    This works well. Is there a way to do that same feature in the new UI?

    There's a way to copy points in the burger button to the right of the point name, but not to do the same thing on data sources.


  • At the moment there is no copy data source. My method to do this quickly is to just create a new data source manually, as there are not that many settings and it normally requires a unique name anyway.
    Then use the CSV import/export as follows.

    • export the CSV of the data source you want to copy.
    • Open it up in libre office, change the Action column to CREATE and copy down.
    • Delete the content of the following columns: OriginalXid,id,Xid
    • Find the datasourceXid column
    • Paste the data source Xid of the DS you created in step on and copy down.
    • This CSV can now be reused by just changing the data source XID column.

    This might seem like more steps than just pressing a copy data source. However, when you copy the data source you still have to go and change all the device names, tags etc. this could all be done in the CSV.

  • Thanks for the response on this--

    I'll start looking into doing this via CSV.. The last time I tried this I was getting a bit annoyed at the wrong things updating. I'll try the process outlined for the next set of projects I bring up.

    I actually got very quick doing this with the legacy view page by copying and just changing the two blanks, then clicking and changing the modbus addresses of the points. Went right quick.