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Persistent TCP Showing "Point Unreliable" even though data seems to be aggregating..

  • Okay:

    Here's a new one for me. I broke some points by renaming things wrong. Then I renamed them back to where they should be. I didn't change / delete any of the XIDs.

    Now, with the Persistent TCP source, I have most of those points showing a "!", and also showing the wrong real time value. The historical data seems okay.

    I've attached what I'm seeing: The point name area in the upper left shows the last point from this morning before the rename happened. The data at the right, and it's time stamps, are correct.


    This is also showing up in our summary screens as well.

    Can someone help with this?


  • Oh.


    This appears to be solved by a browser refresh.. Apparently that real time table in the upper left doesn't update dynamically with the rest of the stuff if the point isn't already marked as "!".

    So. Refresh the page. Is the answer. To that question.

  • Hi Greg

    The table in the top right corner can be configured to auto-update
    0_1573893504463_Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 10.37.19.png
    If not set to real-time you can refresh the point value history without refreshing the whole page.