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Data not showing when user selects the page

  • If I log in as admin, the data is visible but if I log in as user, there is no data. In the datasource datapoints, the dataSourcEditRoles is set to superadmin. Should this not be user?

    Which setting do I need for the user to be able to read the data? Is it in the readPermissions or should that default to blank?

  • Hi @v8dave the read permissions has recently changed ill try explain it.

    All non-admin users have read permission of "user" by default even if their read permission is blank.

    When a data point 's read permission is left blank it reverts to super admin. meaning only admins will see it.

    So in your case you could just add "user" to the data points read permissions and then ALL non-admins will see the points.

    If you require different user roles to view different points then I would advise on adding specific read permission to those points such as the client's name then add that roll to the user who should see those points.

  • Thanks. I was able to export the data points and edit them in Excel. The only issue I have is that the textrender format defaults to 0 so I lost all the decimal points but I think this is an issue with Excel loading the CSV because if I save it and load into Mango, it sets the correct format. Reload the same file and bingo, values are all 0 again.

  • Yes, a couple of people have complained about excel doing that. If you are working on the latest version of mango you can edit multiple data points at the same time which in most cases, you will not need to export and edit.

    If not you should use libre office instead of excel. it handles CSVs much better than excel. Another option is to use VS code text editor. You can highlight a text, right-click and choose change all occurrences.