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missing units = kW, millimeter, centremeter, % RH

  • Hi,
    I can not find units for these measurements - kW, kWh, mm, cm and %RH (relative humidity) in the list of unit and I couldn't find them in 'integral unit' either except for kWh.
    I went to the link mentioned in the help file - and couldn't find one that works for any of them.
    Is there a way to use self-created text string for unit in Mango?


  • Hello cwangv,
    If you are just browsing the list from the drop down of the Point Properties - Unit values then you will not see some of the units available. I found that if you type the ones you need such as mm, cm kW and kWh and click save, the point will save with proper validation. %RH is not available for validation, but % is available. The drop down list is not the full list of units available.

    To use non standard units, you would need to go to the Text Renderer Properties and untick "use unit symbol as suffix". Then you can enter in your desired text in the Suffix value.


  • Hi cwangv,

    Many text renderers allow the user to supply a suffix string and to use the suffix to supersede the assigned display units. This would be the way to get something like kWh.

    In the units property, you can manually enter units which are combinations of other units, and you can use SI scaling prefixes as well. So kW, mm, and cm would all work without issue. For kWh, you can write this in the units, but it will be written / appear as kW*h which is not ideal for display. Therefore for that unit, and the relative humidity, you probably want to use the text renderer suffix.

    It is possible to add units to the units set, but there's not an especially clean way to go about it. I mentioned the UnitUtil class in these threads:

  • @bg
    thanks, BG.
    Now i remember i came across that setting.