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Can you enable old UI Data Sources page without granting SuperAdmin

  • Hi

    I have Core version = 3.5.6

    I would like to allow some users access to use the Data Sources page in the old UI, but I don't want to grant them SuperAdmin permission.
    I tried setting the permissions for the menu item (under 'Administrator') to 'User' and tagging the user account with 'User'. This allowed them to see the menu item, but they saw a "you do not have permission to see this page" type error message when clicking on it.
    I then went in tot Administrator -> System Settings -> Permissions and set "Data Source Management Permissions" (at the very top) to 'user'. After this, they could view the page, but couldn't see any Data Sources or Data Points. They can see all the Data Points from the "Data Point Details" or "Watchlists" pages (new UI). All Data Points have Read Permissions = 'user'.

    Is there any way I can allow a user to search for a data point using the old UI Data Sources page without giving them full SuperAdmin access?

  • Hi andrewh,

    If the user has edit permission to the data source in question, as well as data source management permissions as you found, The edit permission field for a data source is on that data source.

  • Thanks Philip