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webpage navigation error on while using iPhone and iPad.

  • Hi,
    I have encountered webpage navigation errors as shown below screenshot. It happens after a couple successful navigations on the various links on the left
    hand side.!
    0_1565014138836_5eb3a081-9ab5-49b1-8d4b-e456a8045931-IMG_28AAC92139EC-1.jpeg IMG_28AAC92139EC-1.jpeg

    The link when this happens is ''.

    my iPhone has iOS 12.3.2 and my iPad has iOS 12.3.1. I use Safari on both devices.


  • Hi cwangv,

    Hmm. That seems like it would be an issue with the website platform. If you can get me clear reproduction steps I could attempt to look into it, but click around a lot on an iPhone by itself isn't a lot to go on.

  • @phildunlap
    Hi, Phil
    I encountered the problem when I click on left hand side help documentation navigation different items a few times, then it just happens.

  • That is strange. I've had reports of this before but it's working fine on my iPhone running the latest OS. That link you posted is basically a bad link so will never work. I'm just going to and then navigating from there. I did notice that the full documentation menu shows up at the very bottom of the page.

  • @joelhaggar
    Hi, Joel
    I think I have figured out where it happens. Please see my below screenshot:

    On my PC or iMac, when I click the area (circled by the red eclipse) or the black right arrow (circled in green), it shows the child items below it with no error message.
    But when use my iPhone or iPads (all on latest iOS), if I click on the area (circled by the red eclipse), that is where the error occurs. However, if I manage to click on the black right arrow (circled in green), those child items show up ok. I tried the website on an Android phone, I had the same problem but the child items did appear for a second or also then the error message.

    I hope the above can help you reproduce the problem.



  • I was able to reproduce the problem, thanks for the further information and clear reproduction steps. It looks like it probably is something we have control over, so we will attempt to resolve it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Haven't quite figured it out yet, but the menus can be opened if you click and drag off the item before releasing. So, at least there is temporarily a work-around!

  • Alright, this should be resolved. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

  • @phildunlap
    good on you, Phil.
    it is working.