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  • I want to read and mute events by an endpoint in the REST API.
    But i found that the only way to make changes to change this is through the legacy interface.
    Is the a way to read/change the state of audio alarm sounds by API?

  • Somebody can help me?

  • Have you had a look in swagger? From what I can see is there is an end-point in API v1. This is the example:
    curl -X POST "http://localhost:8080/rest/v1/events/acknowledge" -H "accept: application/json;charset=UTF-8" -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8" -H "X-XSRF-TOKEN: cf459eb8-2655-4f5d-bbaf-2c2aeb522a10" -d "{ \"args\": [ \"string\" ], \"key\": \"string\"}"

  • Hi Johautt,

    There is not currently an endpoint for silencing events, but the asking raised the question! As Craig suggests, acknowledging the event would silence it, but the distinction of silencing the event for just the individual hasn't made it into the new UI quite yet. I suspect you hastened it!

    You could use the network tab of your browser's developer tools to see a request to the old DWR on the old events page, which you could make directly from a curl or whatever. That's the only way currently.

  • Good morning. Yes, i had looked in swagger. And tested the


    end-point, and i can acknowledge with it. But in this case, i want to toggle the silence into the alarm without make the acknowledge.
    I will take the suggestion of network tab for the old events page.

  • By the way, i want to take the opportunity to ask what is the message body in /v1/events/acknowledge useful for. How can i use it? I refer to:

      "args": [
      "key": "string"

    Do you prefer i to ask this in another topic?

  • The query string is RQL to identify which events to acknowledge. You can make some requests from the events page to acknowledge multiple events and see this endpoint being used in the network tab. Generally yes, it's best to put distinct questions in their own threads.

    Here's one such post body I saw,