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  • Hello Mangoans,
    I am using the most up to date version of mango 3 at time of writing.

    I am trying to get an Excel report to run on a quarterly schedule. I have set up the schedule as shown in the screen shot:

    11 17 1 1 0/3 ? (these arae all selected from the drop downs, not entered manually)


    But whenever I try to save I get a validation failed error.

    I have tried different combinations of "don't care" and "every" but they all come up with the validation error. It appears to not like the "every 3" month setting.

    Is there another way to get the report to run on the first day of every 3rd month?



  • Try 1/3 instead of 0/3. I think I fixed a bug in this UI not long ago, but it is unreleased.

  • Hello Jarrod,
    Thank you, I will enter it manually.