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  • Hello,
    First of all:
    Mango Core: 3.5.6
    Mango API: 3.5.2
    Mango UI: 3.5.5
    Platform: Centos 7.4.1708
    Java Version: 1.8.0_161
    Browser: Chrome 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    I have set up a new set of data sources and data points for a user. The new data points have a few event detectors set up such as High Current and High Voltage thresholds. I have also set up the High voltage detector with an event handler so the user gets the email.

    For some reason I, as the system administrator, am getting those alarms as well even though I am not set up on the event handler. It seems that all the events are being treated as system events.

    I have tried setting the system event alarms and audit event alarms to ignore for a short while to see if this would stop the behaviour but I am still getting their alarms.

    Any Ideas how I can stop the emails coming to my inbox?



  • Hi Brian,

    I did not hear you mention your user's 'Send alarm emails' level. Perhaps this is set to something other than 'Ignore' and is at or below the alarm level of these events?

    What lead you to believe they're being treated as system events? You could select * from events order by id desc limit 20; at the sql console and I would suspect they're in there as data point events.

  • Hello Phil,
    Thank you for your reply. The user account is set to ignore for the Send Alarm Emails level. And these are indeed coming up ad Data Point events in the table. I said they seemed like to work like system events because my admin account is not identified to get those user alarms and one of the users event detectors does not have an event handler but I am still getting the alarm emails for that one as well..

    Saying all that, you made me think of the user account settings and I had only looked at the new user. I found that my admin account has its Send Alarm Emails set to urgent. And I now understand why I was getting the data point alarms as well. On my Mango 2 set up the admin account was set to ignore.

    My follow up question now though is this:
    Will setting the Send Alarm Emails to ignore affect whether or not I get the system alarms such as Backup Failures, System Shutdown / Startup?


  • Will setting the Send Alarm Emails to ignore affect whether or not I get the system alarms such as Backup Failures, System Shutdown / Startup?

    That would depend on the mechanism by which you had been receiving them. If you had email event handlers on them doing the sending, no, but if you were only receiving them due to their relative alarm level to your user's setting to send alarm emails, then yes. You would not have received the emails twice by being on an email handler and having your user's alarm level setting below the threshold.

  • Thanks Phil for clearing that up for me. That all makes sense now. I was wanting to capture more warnings on the Mango 3 server than I had on the Mango 2.