I have a hardware I/O device that comunicates via SNMP and am having trouble setting up an SNMP data source for this device.

I would assume the 'Host' properties box is the IP address of the device?

What should I have in the 'Export ID (XID)' proberties box?
The 'comunity' properties box?
And the 'Local address' box ?

I try the SNMP testing box for known OID's but it comes back 'host not found'.
The basic interface OID is . and for one of the single contact inputs the OID is .
Is the first dot required in the snmp testing box?

This mango server is under XP and version 1.8.2 , JDK 6.18

Do I need to do anything else to enable snmp on this mango sever?

I can walk the MIB / OID's from various other software packages without a problem on a different PC to mago server though.

Thanks Zap.