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filter points being used in graphics

  • Is there a way to sort all points being used in the custom page graphics?

    In one of the instances of Mango, they had uploaded hundreds of points from multiple PLC's. I came into the project half way through and almost done with setting up their pages and would like to delete the unused ones.

    A lot of them are duplicates such as a numeric value before and after scaling in the PLC of which only the scaled value is used.

  • Hi sbaik,

    There is a directive called <ma-point-query> for querying a list of points into the model, see /ui/docs/ng-mango/ma-point-query

    The <ma-point-list> directive also accepts an RQL query string, /ui/docs/ng-mango/ma-point-list

    Points which users do not have permissions to will also be excluded from any query or list.

  • @sbaik said in filter points being used in graphics:

    Is there a way to sort all points being used in the custom page graphics?

    There's no easy way unfortunately. The only suggestion I could give you would be to open your dev tools and look at the network requests your dashboards are making. You will see requests to /rest/v2/point-values/time-period/{xid} for example when its fetching point values for a particular point. You can also find the websocket for live point value updates and see what XIDs it is listening to -