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3D Models of a building or space.

  • I'm looking at the Dynamic Floor Plan as an option, But I'm looking for more of a 3D environment is this possible in Mango?

  • Hi Andrew

    Welcome to the forum. It is definitely an option. However you will need to do the 3D graphics yourself and import it. There are plugin for illustrator and inkscape that can help with this.

  • I have created a 3D model of our building in Sketchup. Do you know what the plugin would be? And what format would be needed?

  • If you can export the model as jpeg that would be perfect. Then as in the video you add invisible svg paths over the jpeg with inkscape. Then export that from inkscape as a SVG.

  • Would it be possible for it to operate like this as a view. I would need the lights to be dynamic, on/off.

  • So you would basically take that view and add layers on top of it. Then dynamically control the visibility or any other attribute of those layers with your data.

  • @andrew-oxner said in 3D Models of a building or space.:

    But I'm looking for more of a 3D environment is this possible in Mango?

    Are you actually wanting to display the 3D model in the dashboard so you can click and drag and rotate etc? Craig is talking about displaying a 2D projection of the model in the dashboard. If you did want a 3D model it would be possible using a WebGL library but you would have to implement that all yourself.

    If you do want a 2D projection you could follow Craig's advise and export the drawing as a JPEG then manually draw SVG layers over it and bind these to the Mango data points. Or you could export the projection as a PDF, convert to SVG then manipulate that. There may be an easier way to export to SVG, thats just what I found when I googled exporting SVG from Sketchup.