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Best way to migrate a project to latest mango Version

  • Hy,
    I would want to try migration of a project from Mango 2.8.4 to latest Mango version,
    which way is the best for such migration:

    1. using Mango upgrade functionality
    2. starting directly from latest Mango and import all data sources
    3. I don't if it works to insert old mah2.h2.db into latest Mango


  • I believe both methods 1 and 3 will work. i wouldn't recommend method 2. Using the mango functionality will be the easiest. You will need to upgrade to version 2.8.8 first and then you'll be able to do a major update.

  • @etantonio Do you have any custom dashboards / pages?

    #1 and #3 are essentially the same approach, if you copy an old DB file into a new Mango (that hasn't been started, i.e. all the modules are still zipped) then start it, it will do essentially the same upgrade process.

    I would stick with approach #1 as it the Mango upgrade process will do additional things such as making sure you upgrade to 2.8.8 before you upgrade to the 3.x etc.

  • Keep in mind if you have a paid license you will need to contact us to purchase a new license for Mango v3. I would recommend doing this before upgrading so you have it ready to go.

  • Thanks for your answer,
    I would want if possible to test it before to buy a license also for latest Mango.
    Actually we are using h2 and testing mysql, I'm interested to test no-sql and I think could be better to start from mango v3.x.x

  • Yes it is possible to test. It will run for 8 hours with up to 300 data points for free, for use in personal, education or non-commercial purposes. If you need more testing than that permits, we grant trial licenses upon request. Email with the instance's GUID, and the period of time you would like the trial to be.