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Page Not Found with Home URL

  • Created a permissions profile named readonly.
    All the points has view permission set to user and readonly and the set permission to user.
    All the pages I have has view permission set to user and readonly.

    I created an account with the permissions readonly and the Home URL to point to a page called Overview.

    When I login with said account, it populates a "Page not found"
    If I delete everything after .com, it will go to the Overview page and everything functions as it should as "readyonly"

    Now if I set the user account permission to user, the Home URL works fine.

    Is there another layer of permission I need to add this new readonly profile to use the Home URL function?


  • Hi sbalk,

    I would guess if you added a read permission of readonly the MangoUI-pages and MangoUI-menu JSON store items on the Administration --> JSON store page (as well as any menu item you've created for the page on the Administration --> Edit menu page) then it should work. I believe the new UI intends users to have the 'user' permission generally.

  • I had missed setting the permission for the JSON store UI pages and UI menus as you suggested.

    Thanks Phil.