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  • Hello, in the old version of Mango was this button which redirected you to the custom dasboard 0_1532518243362_2018-07-25_14-30-20.jpg

    In Version 3.x how should I do to have a similar button?

    I made a page and I've set up this:

    It is working but it's not really the result I want because I have to put the entire external address instead to put only the page address which is "/protected/demoMain". I tried to use Template URL but is not working because needs pages relative to the UI directory.

    My custom web pages are in overrides folder.

    Has anyone a better idea how to do this?
    Thank you!

  • I've never used the old custom dashboards. So there might be something I don't know about here... Is there a reason you have put your page in the over rides folder? If you design a dashboard in the dashboard designer, you will not loose it on upgrades and it gets backed up with your configuration backup.
    if you make your page in the dashboard designer then it will be available in the drop down when "Link to custom page" is selected.
    Try coping your HTML into a new custom page on the dashboard designer and then in your menu item link it to custom page.

  • @georgestefan said in Custom Dashboard Icon:

    I have to put the entire external address instead to put only the page address which is "/protected/demoMain".

    You do not have to put the entire address. You only need to put /protected/demoMain/ (ensure you have the slash on the end).

  • @jared-wiltshire Thank you! This path works.