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  • Well, I am a new user of Mango. Through the installation video, all things are installed. However, when I use "admin" as the username and password to login into the web, an error of "Page not found" occurs on the web page. How to fix it?

  • @gltttt2010 Hi and welcome, I think you might need to give a little more information.
    what version of mango are you using?
    does mango boot up with out any errors ?
    which browser are you using?
    Could you post a screen shot of your error, its hard to tell by your post what exactly is the problem.

  • @craigweb Hi, The version of Mango is 3.4.4.
    When I successfully use cmd to open mango web in Google Chrome, but when its loading, a warning occurs:
    Despite warning, I can still reach to the login page, and use "admin" as the initial account and password. The problem is, when I finished the login, the web page would then launch the "Page not Found" error:

  • @gltttt2010 We can't see what URL you are trying to access when it says "page not found". What is it? If you click one of the menu links what happens? Did you try the new UI?

    You haven't changed the admin user in any way?

    Are there any errors in your ma.log file? (The warning you posted is not anything to worry about).

    Is it a new installation from the bundle zip file? If not what modules are installed.

  • @jared-wiltshire URL is shown below:
    If I click "Users" menu link, it comes out some other errors:
    I have used some other browsers but get the same result...

    I am not very sure the meaning of "errors in my ma.log file", How can I check it?
    Furthermore, I don't think it is a new installation, because I just installed Mango for only one time. But I did follow the tutorial video which guides me to copy all the installed files in to C:\Program Files\Mango Automation\bin, so that to use cmd to start Mango.

  • You don't have any modules installed. It looks like you downloaded only the core. You need to download one of the bundles from: