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  • When doing a Haystack Point Import from a Niagara 4 server (using the nHaystack RESTful API servlet) Mango can see both the curStatus value and the axStatus. However when mapping the columns to create Mango points, we can only map to Mango point properties: HaystackID, DeviceName, PointName, PointXID, Settable and Unit.

    Is it possible to see the curStatus and axStatus properties for the Haystack points once they are added to Mango as Data Points?

    If at all helpful, I listed the possible values I see for the two properties we care the most about.

    The possible curStatus values are:

    • disabled
    • down
    • fault
    • ok

    The possible axStatus value are:

    • disabled
    • down,stale
    • fault
    • fault,overriden
    • ok
    • overriden
    • unackedAlarm
    • Alarm


  • The data source only supports reading the curValue into a data point. It does check if curStatus is ok, if it is not OK the data point is marked as being "unreliable". You should see the unreliable status as a little red warning icon next to any point value displays in the UI. The unreliable status is not trended however.