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Value DS2324 increases after saving metapoint

  • Hi,

    i,m stil experimenting to find the right script for counting pulses for 1 day.

    I discovered that after saving the meta data source the value of the ds2324 increases in mango

    i have the actual value for the ds2324 in the graphical overview, that is a simple pont with the datapoint for the ds2324 device.
    i use that for reference.

    its hard to find the right script if the value increases after saving the metadata source.

    --- update----

    it seems to be a coincidence.
    i tested it for a few times again
    and there is no value update now.

    The value is updated for no reason, no puls on the input of the ds2324 but a value update and no reason.

    It must be related to something else, a reboot or some other thing.
    it realy strange i used this ds2324 on logtemp for several weeks and it did not show this behavior.

    it really drive's me mad.

  • Maybe your event should be "on change" instead of "on update"?

  • This morning a change of 4 on the ds2324 device.
    And no chance on the device that gives the pulses.

    The update "on change" where is that located ?

    You mean the update "on change" for the datapoint or for the meta data point ?

    for the ds2324 device in point properties logging is when point value changes
    The value of the ds2324 that i display on the graphical view updates for no reason.

    this afternoon also 2 changes of the value.whit out ant reason.

    i will start to monitor the ohter input as well, nothing is connected to that.

  • The update "on change" where is that located ?

    It may be useful for you to read the online documentation. The answers to many of your recent questions can be found there.

  • (Please don't ask where the online documentation is.)

  • The online documentation, is in english.
    My english isnt that good to fully understand the documentation.
    My mango is in dutch, that make's it even more difficult to find the right place to alter the parameters

    i doubt if the online documentation give's the answer for increasing the value of the ds2324

    the online help says

    you can configure datapoint with event detection.

    I just made a onewire datapoint for the counter.
    i cannot choose for "on change" or "on update"

    the only place where i can use that is at the metadatpoint

    i created 4 point;s each with a different log update method
    all the point's are increasing

    its to bad, that i cannot use the ds2324 in mango, ill have to go back to logtemp for that.

  • You could try to translate relevant blocks of documentation to the language of your choice. Perhaps that would make it easier to understand.

    the "logging type" (interval, all data, on change etc) on the point details edit page is not going to change the value of your point, only how often it is recorded.

    The "on context update" is an attribute of meta points which dictates when the script is run.

    Did you try this as the meta point script? Your meta point value would not be increasing if that were your script.
    p1.value - p1.ago(DAY,1)

  • i found that in the help and use that.

    it seems that de ds2324 increases by it self
    I changed the input of the ds2324 device and now the other input is increasing.

    i have the value of the counter also in the graphical view so i can see if the value of the counter increases.
    If the value of the counter increases its normal that the metapoint also increases

    i dont know why the counter increases, when i had the device connected to logtemp it worked fine perhaps the way of reading it is different on mango than on logtemp

    the device is found as ds2423 device and the hobbyboard i use has the
    ds DS2423P 1-wire chip on it.

    i dont know why the counter has this behavior on mango

    its strange