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Char encoding trouble ? ... Maybe not

  • Hi,

    Just asked an employee to make a french translation.
    when I put this file in mango and make it usable, I've got trouble with french chars : é à ...
    If the letter is in a DataPoint , no problem.
    It it is in the translation file I get an ? ...

    I think it as something to deal with Tomcat conf but not sure.

    Using tomcat6 / java 1.6 OpenJDK / fedora 11
    locales are fr_FR.UTF-8

  • The message_*.properies files are NOT ASCII encoded (that would be the SUN-standard) there are UTF-8 encoded!.
    So If you work with a translation tool you have to recode them see reverse option of the command native2ascii.


  • hello Patriator,

    another user from france is willing to help with the translation.
    post in french:

    (we use the same translation files from mango)

    would you be interested in joining efforts? this could be put into mango´s main release.

    best regards