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Hard coding the rollup-type in the watchlist-chart

  • I am trying to hard code the watchlist-chart rollup-type = "DELTA" changing it from the dateBar.rollupType value but it is not changing? It Only changes when I use dateBar.rollupType and change it here in this dateBar... Any ideas?
    Are the parameters for rollup still [NONE, AVERAGE,DELTA,MINIMUM,

  • It works with double quotes and needed double quotes around the value rollup-type = " 'DELTA' "
    ... I love the design of this engine, It's a powerful tool for sure.
    great job team!!

  • Thanks for sharing the resolution! Glad you're enjoying it!

  • Just hit on this cause I'm trying to do the exact same thing. Thanks for sharing.

    Is there a place I can easily refer to to find all possible values for the parameters? Can I suggest a link from the help files?

  • in the API docs for the <ma-point-values> (ui/docs/ng-mango/ma-point-values). You'll see all the options that can used. Just remember to make them a string.