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What's up with V3's really slow watch lists?

  • I've finally started playing around with the new V3 UI since we received our latest batch of MangoES and noticed immediately that the most used Watch List function is more or less unusable since trying to load more than one point causes the UI to freeze-up and die. Is this a problem anyone else has run into and is it going to be addressed soon?

  • Mango V3 watch lists are awesome and very powerful and we are certainly not aware of any issue. What you are describing here does not have enough detail to understand what you are doing. Please provide more detail by what you mean "trying to load more than one point" . Maybe a screen shot, browser you are using, are you on the latest version of Mango. What exact steps to do you take to reproduce the issue?

  • I tried it in Chrome and it worked great. I then tried it back in Firefox and it locked-up. However, once I updated to the latest version it seemed to be working fine, albeit a little slower than in Chrome. Sorry for the false alarm.