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An error occurred while logging in - Connection refused

  • Hey Guys, I've recently installed Mango on a new Raspberry Pi 3 and it seems to have started up ok. I get the login screen. However when I attempt to login the first time I get the following error...

    An error occurred while logging in - Connection refused
    I've had a bit of a search around and it seems a few others have had the same problem at some stage, I can't see anything in the ma.log file however.
    Is there another log file I can go looking in to get some more diagnostic info out of the error?

    Linux raspberrypi 4.9.41-v7+ #1023 SMP Tue Aug 8 16:00:15 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux
    1GB RAM, (616MB free)
    32GB SD, (15G filesystem, 13G free)

    openjdk version "1.8.0_141"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_141-8u141-b15-1~deb9u1-b15)
    OpenJDK Zero VM (build 25.141-b15, interpreted mode)



  • Hi Dan,

    You should definitely use Oracle JDK, I don' t know if that will solve your issue but regardless everything will work better. If that doesn't solve the issue you can open up Chrome Developer tools and look in the Console tab. If you right click you can save the logs as and post here which might help identify the issue. Try Oracle JDK and let us know if there is still an issue.

  • Also, here are instruction on installing Oracle JDK

  • Hi Joel, no worries, I'll give Oracle JDK a go and let you know.


  • Hi dan,

    Sometimes I've seen issues like this when the clock on the server jumps forward and one or another license condition isn't met, which causes a timed shutdown of Mango almost immediately. This is especially common if the device has no clock battery and it launches Mango and its time sync with similar priority.

    I would have expected something in the log, though.

    Edit: If Mango dies without anything in the log file, there's often an hs_err file (but the hs is HotSpot, so I don't know where OpenJDK would put its error dump) in the Mango/ directory. This would suggest switching JDKs may help, or at least reveal more information about the issue.

  • The Oracle version of the JDK worked, thanks heaps. :-}