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Choosing "Data Sources" returns "Server Error"

  • Trying to add Modbus data source finds source on search but doesn't allow
    next step.

    Any Ideas?

  • It would be helpful if you posted the details of the error as this is too general to help you. One thing to try is to delete the MA_HOME/work folder and then refresh the page. Deleting this folder will cause Mango to recompile the jsp pages and might resolve your issue. If not look in your /logs/ma.log file for more details on the error.

  • There is no other details. input modbus ip address port 502 hit search. Finds
    modbus slave and reports with message saying it found data source. After that
    nothing happens, "Next" button never gets activated

  • I don't think there is anything else supposed to happen with Modbus scan tool. Modbus protocol has no way to know what data points exist on a device so you have to manually add them. The scan tool is just to help identify device ID's on the network but that's about it. Here is a good place to start on how to Manually add in Data Points

    There are also other ways to bulk add them.

  • The modbus scan tool on the modbus data source page is actually just sending read holding register 0 requests to all slave ids and seeing which respond appropriately. Just chiming in to say it indeed does no discovery, but also add that if your device doesn't respond or errors with reads to that register it won't appear in the list.

  • I have this issue as well right now for some reason on an ES

  • Aaannd for anyone else who finds this, as Joel stated, delete the /mango/work directory, all is well