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  • Can anyone tell me how to enable 3 bacnet points in demo mode? Before the 3. Upgrade it was simple or I could purchase the bacnet module 4 $50.

  • What is your specific issue. You can add BACnet points just as before via the Data Sources Page. The You can't purchase the BACnet module separately in Mango 3 but the demo is now limited to 300 data points.

  • As always, thank you for the fast response Joel. When I go to the add data sources page, the mango you are reports a server error and a licensing issue. I created an additional account with a new email address and installed a a clean copy of the software. Still reports server error when I try to add data sources

    I do see modbus is available to add data points but bacnet is not in the drop-down menu. Perhaps I have not added the modules correctly?

  • In addition I sent you question about volume licensing for software only to your email address

  • Can you provide the error from the log file and a screen shot of the error you see.

  • That would be strange that BACnet would not in the list. You can look at Administration > Modules to see if it's installed and use the "Check for upgrades" button to find and install it if you need to.