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Additional Time Stamp Row in Excel Report

  • We're trying the excel reporting structure. If we try to generate a line graph of time series data with a single XID data point it operates as expected. However, when we add a second XID data point to the Excel report mango pulls a duplicate time stamp and inserts a blank row. This causes the Excel graph to get all confused.

    For Example here is the generated report from Mango where time stamps are in column A and data is in column B. This is what we expect.


    But then we we add a second data point Mango does the below, where it puts the two data points in the first time stamp row, but then adds a second blank row with the same time stamp. Has anyone experienced this? or have a resolution?


  • Hi chio,

    The two data values being on the first row and the second being empty is a bug. I just reproduced it on my system, and I will make sure we set about fixing that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    As to them generally being in every other row, i would expect that if there was a millisecond value in the timestamp and they are not actually at the same time. I am not aware of a way to lose precision on the timestamp during reporting easily. You could use a rollup, though, which would put the data into same timestamps.

  • @phildunlap Phil thanks for the explanation and the detailed reply. can you help me understand how to use roll up to solve this?

  • You can specify a roll up of different types when you edit the Excel Report:


  • @JoelHaggar thanks, is there some documentation on what rollup is how it functions? Im new to mango and not sure what impact rollup has on the data.

  • @chio The type of rollup is the dropdown, followed by the interval that rollup should be collected. For your data, where your polling rate appears to be 5 seconds, you could do a First type rollup (get the first value in each period) on an interval of 5 seconds. Here's the help page for rollups:

  • Hi Phil,

    I am experiencing the same issue. I have 4 data points in a spreadsheet that are askew after running the report.
    0_1530303263188_Excel Report - Blank Cells.PNG
    However in the next tab (Others) on the same spreadsheet, I am encountering no issues.
    0_1530303275522_Exel Report -Second tab.PNG
    I attempted the roll up as advised by Joel. The readings are every 5min, but I'm still getting blank cells and gaps.
    I see that this bug was resolved on GitHub however it is not clear to me what needs to be done to fix the bug?

  • Hey Phil,

    I was able to resolve it with the roll up function. Instead of First, I used Accumulator.