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Mango v3 Taking long time to restart instance

  • This is for our Mango v3.

    I just did a module update right now and it's stuck at "UpgradeDownloader: Restarting for about 30 minutes now.

    I can't see any obvious issues in the logs, except maybe a failed proper termination of a data source.

    [0_1505337315830_ma.log](Uploading 100%)

    edit: did the log upload above not work...?

  • Is Mango still running and can you access other pages? Our forum seems to be having some issues with files and images. I'm including a test file here.


    Upload seems to work for me.

  • Nope I can't reload the page from another tab.


    [0_1505337697045_ma.log](Uploading 100%) - Still no go.

  • Log files worked that time. Looks like it did everything up to shutting down but for some reason it didn't restart. I think you might need to manually restart it via ssh or webmin.

  • GREAT!. I was just afraid I'd break something bad if I forced a reboot.

    Everything's back up, and working well.

    Thanks for the assistance Joel.